SCS Training Centre is offering our MS Office 2010 hands-on seminar commencing on April 7/2018 for 6 sessions.

Please visit our website at: or call us at 905-628-3208 for more details.

This course will provide the student with the essential skills for computer literacy, using three types of programs commonly found in business environments.

It is intended for those who have minimal experience with MS Office 2010, or have not used a word processor, spreadsheet, or presentations program previously.  Some familiarity with using a mouse and keyboard can be helpful.

Unit 1: Common Elements
Getting Started with Programs
Unit 2: Using Microsoft Word 2010
Creating Documents
Manipulating Text
Formatting Text
Setting Tabs and Indents
Proofing Your Document
Formatting the Document
Printing Documents
Working with Headers and Footers
Using Publishing Format Tools
Working with Graphics
Working with Tables
Working with Others
Unit 3: Using Microsoft Excel 2010
Getting Starting with MS Excel 2010
Manipulating the Information
Working with Formulas
Formatting a Worksheet
Using Miscellaneous Tools
Working with Charts
Getting Ready to Print
Unit 4: Using Microsoft PowerPoint 2010
Getting Started with MS PowerPoint 2010
Setting up the Presentation
Working with Text
Working with Objects
Enhancing the Presentation
Bringing it all Together