Course Description

This course includes the knowledge and skills required to communicate effectively with presentation software such as Microsoft PowerPoint, and to use simple functions specific to creating and editing presentations.
Topics include the ability to create and modify slides in a presentation, create different types of presentation output and identify the most effective ways to use a presentation program to communicate with others.


Course Prerequisites

This course is designed for students who are familiar with personal computers, using a keyboard and using a mouse. The course assumes that students have completed the Microsoft Windows course or have equivalent Microsoft Windows knowledge and experience.

Course Objectives

  • Getting Started with MS PowerPoint 2010
  • Setting up the Presentation
  • Working with Text
  • Working with Objects
  • Enhancing the Presentation
  • Bringing it all Together


Lesson 1: Getting Started with MS PowerPoint 2010

• Creating Presentations
• Switching between Presentations
• Saving a Presentation
• Closing a Presentation
• Opening a Presentation
• Moving around in the Presentations

Lesson 2: Setting up the Presentation

• Creating a Master Slide
• Inserting Headers and Footers
• Changing the Page Setup
• Inserting New Slides
• Changing the Slide Layout
• Duplicating the Slides
• Deleting Slides
• Rearranging the Slides
• Changing the Theme
• Changing the Background Colour

Lesson 3: Working with Text

• Selecting Text Objects
• Using Select vs Edit Mode
• Manipulating Text
• Checking the Spelling
• Formatting Text
• Aligning Text
• Changing Bulleted Information

Lesson 4: Working with Objects

• Inserting images
• Using Clip Art Images
• Using Other Sources
• Manipulating the Pictures
• Creating and using Tables
• Creating a Chart
• Selecting Items in a Datasheet
• Changing the Chart Type
• Adjusting the Data Series
• Creating Drawing Objects
• Formatting Objects
• Arranging Objects
• Inserting Multi-media Objects
• Inserting Hyperlinks

Lesson 5: Enhancing the Presentation

• Animating Objects
• Customizing the Animation
• Applying Slide Transitions

Lesson 6: Bringing it all Together

• Previewing the Presentation
• Creating Notes
• Creating Handouts
• Using PPS for Slide Shows
• Saving for viewing on the Web
• Printing Items
• Setting up the Presentation
• Viewing the Slide Show