SCS Training Centre is offering our QuickBooks for the Desktop Level 1 hands-on seminar commencing on  for 4 sessions.

Please call us at 905-628-3208 or email us at sandraroach65@gmail.com



SCS Training Centre is offering QuickBooks for the Desktop  Level 1 hands-on seminar commencing on for 4 sessions. SCS Training Centre has a maximum amount of 2 students per class & students must be able to show proof of vaccination on the first day of class. 

Please call us at 905-628-3208 or email us at: sandraroach65@gmail.com

This course is recommended for the business owner who have just purchased QuickBooks and want to setup their company file, or for those students who want to become more knowledgeable in QuickBooks.
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QuickBooks Outline:

Quickbooks Level 1

  • Creating a QuickBooks company file
  • Entering company information
  • Setting up QuickBooks preferences
  • Choosing a start date
  • Setting up income and expense accounts
  • Entering opening balances
  • Using QuickBook’s help feature
  • Using QuickBooks list feature
  • Editing the Chart of Accounts
  • Working with the customer:job list
  • Working with the employee list
  • Working with the vendor list
  • Managing lists
  • Writing a QuickBooks cheque
  • Using bank account registers
  • Entering a handwritten cheque
  • Transferring money between accounts
  • Reconciliation of chequing accounts
  • Entering a sales invoice in QuickBooks
  • How to memorize transactions
  • Entering a new item
  • Using multiple price levels
  • Recording customer payments
  • Making deposits
  • Entering bills from vendors
  • Paying bills from vendors