SAGE 50 LEVEL 2 (Simply Accounting)


The main objective of this courseware is to introduce some of the more advanced functions and capabilities of Simply Accounting by Sage.  Simply Accounting by Sage new features will also be reviewed.

Full Course Description Below

SCS Training Centre will be offering our Sage 50 Level 2 hands on seminar commencing on April 25/2017 9:00 -1:00 p.m. for 4 sessions.





Sage 50 (Simply Accounting) Level 2

Courseware Outline – Level 2

Setting Up Data Files & Customizing Settings

  • Creating a New Company
  • Using the Setup Wizard
  • Setting Up the General Ledger
  • Entering Opening Balances
  • Setting Up Linked Accounts
  • Entering Vendors and Purchases History
  • Entering Customers and Sales History
  • Entering Inventory and Services History
  • Entering Employees and Payroll History
  • Finish Entering Historical Data
  • Setting Up Sales Taxes

Reporting, Miscellaneous & Period End Procedures

  • Creating Graphs
  • Creating & Printing Financial Reports
  • Using the Daily Business Manager
  • Processing Transactions in the Daily Business Manager
  • Using Checklists
  • Checking Data Integrity & Compacting the Database
  • Setting up Batch Printing
  • Printing in Batches
  • Month End Procedures
  • Year End Procedures

Payroll Overview and Setup

  • Creating Employee Records
  • Modifying Employee Records
  • Payroll Linked Accounts
  • Paying Employees
  • Recurring Transactions
  • Payroll Advances
  • Viewing, Adjusting & Voiding Posted Payroll Transactions
  • Entering Taxes Manually
  • Payroll Reports

Banking and Credit Cards

  • Setting up the Bank Reconciliation
  • Setting Up an Account for Reconciliation
  • Reconciling an Account for the First Time
  • Reconciling an Account
  • Working with Credit/Debit Card Transactions
  • Entering Customer Sales on Credit Card
  • Reconciling the Credit Card Account
  • Creating & Setting Up Credit Cards for Purchases
  • Enter Vendor Purchases on Credit Card
  • Reconciling the Credit Card Statement